About LightHouse

LightHouse was birthed in 2016 while Olaoluwa was out for a song ministration with the fellowship worship team as a college student. As a ministry, LightHouse started with writing and designing quotes, inspirational summaries, and leading general prayer calls inconsistently over the years. During this time, the Lead Creative - Olaoluwa - had the yearning to expand beyond quotes into producing christian tees and apparel, hosting a media show, and spreading the word in a larger capacity. In 2021, Olaoluwa decided it was time to step out in faith, do it afraid and walk into the purpose God has called her into. Currently, she hosts a podcast under the LightHouse ministry called “Pink Glasses Convo”, a brave space birthed from 3Ps - pain, passion, and purpose - to share about the struggles and possible solutions associated with her identities. LightHouse continues to share Christian quotes and inspirational summaries through its social media platforms and is looking to launch a merch platform in the nearest future. LightHouse is grounded on bringing men into the Light in Christ while shining the Light to the world around them. The Ministry is anchored on John 1:4 and Matthew 5:14-16.

Creative Director

Olaoluwa draws her identity from Christ and her personal relationship with Him. Olaoluwa is known as the “miracle child” by those close to her after her mother waited 20 years before she was conceived. She identifies herself as a LightHouse, with a passion to inspire people to behold the Light of Christ and shine it to the world. She does this through writing quotes, inspirational summaries, leading worship, facilitating seminars, and hosting a podcast. Ola, as she is fondly called by colleagues is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a Masters in Social Work and certification in Marriage and Family Therapy. Prior to this educational feat, she studied at the prestigious University of Lagos, in her home country, Nigeria, and received her Bachelor of Science in Social Work. During that period, she gained experience working with diverse populations and capacities including medical social work, family counseling, elderly care, domestic and sexual abuse advocacy to mention a few. Her passion for working with families grew as an undergraduate intern and led to her desire for further education in the States. Olaoluwa is interested in helping create stable families by using a systemic approach to family conflict and crisis. Asides from her passion for families, she loves to volunteer and has accrued skills working for both local and international nonprofits serving disadvantaged populations and creating sustainable communities through advocacy and development. Her long-term goal is to research further the dynamics of therapy and counseling with African immigrant families in the diaspora. Currently, Olaoluwa is working as a Family Therapist and Mental Health Professional using her years of experience in practice and research. Olaoluwa is the Creative Director at LightHouse Ministry and Host of the Pink Glasses Convo, a podcast that facilitates brave space conversations. She resides in Bend, Oregon.